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About Us



Rod Stone Group

Improving Your Life!!!

 ROD STONE GROUP focuses on improving your life by providing products and information on health, nutrition, fitness, weight management and personal development topics.

 The ROD STONE GROUP is a group of experts in various fields of health, nutrition, fitness and other aspects of personal development. We have written hundreds of books and thousands of articles over the years.

 We provide articles, books, products and other training in order to improve your life and your lifestyle.

We have many books on Amazon and various books and training on our sites.

 Our nutritional and product site has products and information on Weight Management and Targeted Nutrition from a highly respected world wide company. We have found that people who want to lose weight need different types of help. Therefore our products can be used for personalized programs.

 We believe that “information is today’s currency.” 

To your success,

Rod Stone

PS: if you need to contact us, you can email us at info@rhealthylivingsolutions.com

Some of my friends

tucker and ruby Rod Stone

Some of our Team

Rod and gang christmass 2011

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